Is AR better than VR?

April 25, 2022

VR and AR

Both VR and AR are fantastic technologies that can catch every human attention. But if it is required to choose the suitable hi-tech, here are presented the most common advantages and drawbacks of each one.

First, the choice of tools: VR - headsets, AR - smartphones, tablets. As for the volume of topics, virtual hi-tech is perfect for complex data, augmented hi-tech, in its turn, is suitable for easy and limited technical issues. The price for these practices is quite expensive.

April 26, 2022

Ar or VR?

Ar or VR? The choice of technology directly depends on the peculiarities of the project and the type of solutions for it. AR as the kind of extended reality hi-tech prescribes the superimposition of the objects and info in reality. The strongest pro of this innovation lies in the ability to improve and spotlight one issue or action at a time.

AThe advantages of augmentation are the lack of risks in the process, the requirement of no specialized equipment, available cost, the chance to learn everything gradually, and the ability to be a good sales instrument.

April 22, 2022

The drawbacks are

  • Bad option for more conceptual content
  • High price in comparison with other modalities
  • Requires from time to time updates

Mentioning VR technology, it should be added that it allows users to immerse into a new reality. The headsets as the main tools of VR, by the way, apply to fully recorded or simulated videos.

The pros of implementing virtuality are the ability to experience 360-degree content, and the possibility to get some skills without risks.

The cons of VR are connected directly with occasional updates, the highest price for service, and human physical consequences after vr tech use.

The choice of appropriate technology depends on the planned goals and personal references.

April 18, 2022

Is Oculus AR or VR?

The elements and peculiarities of both technologies are presented in Oculus. Generally, it is more closely connected with virtual hi-tech.

Oculus is a VR headset made Oculus Rift and needs a personal computer (engine) to perform tasks. The built-in features of Oculus are the following:

  • Hand tracking
  • Link
  • Sport tracking
  • Bluetooth and keyboard support
  • Voice control
  • Smartphone interconnection
  • App lab
  • Mr casting
  • Native interface
  • These peculiarities can help customers to determine what they need for their project. In this type of instrument, the clients may practice both kinds of innovative technologies and decide what they exactly require for their business.